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Full list of holiday destinations that have lifted all Covid checks for Irish tourists

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Full list of holiday destinations that have lifted all Covid checks for Irish tourists

Many people will soon be jetting off on their summer holidays for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

Some passengers put off travelling abroad over the past two years due to the increased Covid cases and the added measures of organising PCR tests, which were often costly.

However, this summer is set to see a return to normality as several countries have lifted all Covid measures in place for international tourists.

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Here are the countries that no longer have Covid restrictions in place.


Poland scrapped entry requirements on Monday, following a decision to remove its mandatory mask rule on March 23.

Full list of holiday destinations that have lifted all Covid checks for Irish tourists
Crowds of sunseekers on the sandy beach at Bournemouth, with the pier in the distance, and beach huts in the foregound

Masks now are only required in hospitals and healthcare institutions.

The DFA’s travel advisory said: “Currently, there are no Covid-19 restrictions in place for travel to Poland.

“There is no longer an obligation to present certificates of vaccination, provide a negative test for Covid-19 or undergo quarantine on arrival. Passengers arriving in Poland are no longer obliged to complete a Passenger Locator Form.”


As of March 7, travellers no longer need to get a Covid test, show proof of vaccination or quarantine when holidaying in Hungary.

This means tourists can freely travel to the capital Budapest or further afield without Covid measures.


Montenegro has also removed its Covid entry requirements.

Proof of vaccination or a negative test result on arrival is no longer needed.

However, its neighbour Croatia still has Covid requirements in place.


Denmark dropped most of its Covid rules back in February, but on Monday night eased restrictions even for unvaccinated people coming from non-EU countries, meaning no Covid test is required before travel.

However, it still may introduce restrictions on countries where new variants are detected.


Norway lifted all Covid restrictions back on February 12.

In a statement on its website, the tourist board said: “From Saturday, February 12 2022, you can travel to Norway without having to worry about anything more than having a good time!”

“There are no requirements for testing, quarantine, or registration upon arrival in Norway.”


Romania lifted all remaining Covid restrictions on March 9.

This included the use of vaccine passports and the requirement to wear masks both indoors and outdoors.

It coincided with the government’s decision not to extend a nationwide state of emergency that had been in place for almost two years.


Since early March, Madeira no longer required tests, proof of vaccination or isolation from either vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers.

However, some mask rules remain in parts.


Iceland was also quick to drop Covid restrictions as they lifted entry requirements on February 25.

Tests and quarantine are no longer needed for anyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated.


Lithuania announced in late February that it would no longer require visitors to provide proof of vaccination, a test result or fill in a health form.


Slovenia dropped all of its remaining travel restrictions at the end of February.

However, a passenger locator form must be filled out by all arrivals.

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